Lynn Kay
Feng Shui Practioner / Interior Re-design / Staging to Sell

Lynn is a certified Feng Shui Practioner and has a background in Interior Design and Staging.

How to tell if the energy around you is out of balance? Are you experiencing poor health, loss of money, relationship issues, career dissatisfaction, etc.? By using the art of Feng Shui adjustments are made in your home or office to realign the energy and bring the space back into balance. These adjustments are tailored to meet your individual needs and are often simple, fun, and inexpensive.

A Feng Shui consultation consists of a visit to your home or office, a complete evaluation of the space, suggestions and recommendations, and a written report, including a floor plan / bagua of the area.

Lynn is able to utilize all of her creative talents and abilities to help assist people as they make their journey through life, by creating more harmonious living and working environments in which they live and
Lynn has taught Feng Shui basics to realtors and is available for speaking before groups or you can host a Feng Shui party!
Gift certificates are available.


Phone Number: 858-212-1041



Poway, CA

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