Katy Bray
Clairvoyant, Energy worker and Empath

Katy Bray is a clairvoyant, energy worker and gifted empath whose direct and loving approach has been transformational for her clients in growing into the next levels of their evolution.

In her years of experience and her work with thousands of people, she has become exceptionally well versed in transformative techniques specific for her clients. She is a channel for rewiring the system by way of what she refers to Energy Architecture.

Katy Bray is a lifelong clairvoyant who went on to become a Vedic Master, herbalist, Student of Tantra and is a non-denominational ordained minister. Her body of work is based in multi-dimensional living. Katy is the creator of Energy Architecture and Medicinal Movement. She has led more than 100 groups teaching participants on how to become more intuitive and energy literate. Katy is an author, speaker, retreat facilitator and a catalyst for all who seek her counsel.

Website: LivewiththeLightsOn.com

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