SoulScape is dedicated to providing books, music and gifts such as candles, body care, exquisite crystals and minerals, salt lamps, yoga supplies, scarves, frames, incense from around the world, meditation pillows, unique jewelry, eastern statuary, art, inspiring clothing and the most amazing cards in the area.  Our book selection includes eastern philosophies, spirituality, healing, personal growth, new thought, visionary fiction, childrens, buddhism, animals, massage, reiki, nutrition, yoga, meditation, and inspirational gift books.  We also special order many hard to find books and have them for you within two weeks.   We have the largest collection of devotional music in the area with demos to listen to before you purchase.  Our music also includes instrumental, meditative, native, celtic, nature, world beat, lounge and of course guided meditation.  We also carry a wide selection of tarot and oracle decks, with demo decks for you to try before you buy!

We enjoy finding great people that are conscious about their business and manufacturing practices. It is important to us to do the research and ask the questions so we know and our customers know that they are getting the very best. We pride ourselves in the fact that when we see our vendors, we hug them, we ask about their families, we eat with them…   We know that when we find gifts from people that put love, care and devotion into making them, that comes through when our customer finds it on our shelf or opens the box…

Who We Support